Bill Murray stung by a bee on a golf course; pleads for help from Will Smith

tjndc5-5dfrve1soee17bsyqk0g_layout.jpgThe two actors, who are friends, were playing golf together earlier this month. Smith had stopped to sign autographs for fans, according to Suddenly, Bill “began running up and down the fairway screaming and flapping his arms.â€? A source told the website Will laughed at the spectacle and told the fans: “He does this when I get all the attention – he wants you to ask for his autograph too.’

Eventually Murray, a Sneden’s Landing resident, ripped his shirt off.  When Smith ran to his friend, he found out Murray had been stung by a bee on his back and the two headed back to the clubhouse to treat the sting.

Is ripping your shirt off and flailing your hands the international symbol for, “Help, I’ve just been stung by a bee�?

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Keith Olbermann names Chris Wallace the Worst Person in the World; Wallace apparently doesn’t accept the title in the spirit of brotherhood and respect it was intended

tjndc5-5b4dl4iamz9sxta7nb6_layout.jpgWallace, a Fox News anchor, tore in to his MSNBC rival on the Mike Gallagher radio show last Friday:

<blockquote><div>He’s a troubled individual. God bless him. I hope he gets help….To be lectured about news by Keith Olbermann is like being called ugly by a frog.</div></blockquote>

Wallace, the son of legendary CBS newsman Mike Wallace, continued:

<blockquote><div>He’s actually kind of a pudgy, heavy-set guy, which surprised me…Have you ever heard him do his Edward R. Murrow impression? Here’s a guy who has never covered a story in his life, whose idea of enterprise journalism is to use some call phrase when some guy scores a basket from a three point line… And to have the temerity to say good night and good luck, let me just say something. I met Edward R. Murrow. My father worked with Edward R. Murrow… And Keith Olbermann, you are no Edward R. Murrow.</div></blockquote>

For the record, Olbermann named Wallace the worst person in the world (along with Britt Hume) for allegedly accusing Valerie Plame of perjuring herself when she testified before Congress that she never recommended sending her husband on a CIA trip to Niger. Wallace asked Hume, “So she was lying under oath?� And Hume responded: “I think there is reason to question her credibility on that point.� Olbermann followed up with: “Please, Wallace and Hume, remember when they used to work in news?�

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For the record, Bonnie Fuller publishes magazines

If you missed NBC’s new game show, “Identity,� on Friday night, you missed an appearance by Hastings resident Bonnie Fuller, the queen of celebrity gossip magazines. The show asks contestants to match up 12 panelists with their professions. One contestant guessed Fuller was a—I’m not kidding—missionary.

Here’s Fuller’s take on the experience, courtesy of

<blockquote><div>At first, I was worried that my own blouse might be showing a little too much cleavage. They kept moving the cameras around, and I kept adjusting my top to appear more modest. But when I saw [a pair of] bikini-clad women, I realized I was the most overdressed of the bunch! It’s all part of how the show plays with contestants’ expectations of who is who. I couldn’t even tell a kindergarten teacher from the dinosaur cleaner and podiatrist.</div></blockquote>


Meanwhile, at Star Magazine, Fuller’s main title, rumor has it that as many as ten staffers were let go today, including film critic, Marshall Fine, a former critic for The Journal News. 

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Fox News’ John Gibson takes on Rosie O’Donnell

Here’s “fair and balanced� analysis of The View’s Rosie O’Donnell by The Big Show’s John Gibson, courtesy of Jossip:

<blockquote><div>Yes, [Rosie O’Donnell] is a lesbian. She says so. Yes, she is overweight, and she says that, too. And yes she hangs upside down like a vampire bat, but everybody draws the line at fat lesbian vampire bat bully.</div></blockquote>


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Martha Stewart’s neighbors in Katonah like their town’s name just the way it is—not trademarked

You know you’re at a board meeting in Northern Westchester when the chair begins by reminding people to pour themselves a glass of wine (Napa Ridge, red). Welcome to Katonah. Or is it Katonah™?

Last night I attended the Katonah Village Improvement Society’s (KVIS) monthly meeting, where they discussed whether to vote on proceeding with a legal challenge to stop Martha Stewart’s attempt to trademark the name “Katonah� for a line of home products. Actually, first they discussed whether to discuss voting on going forward in front of members of the media—something about showing their legal strategy to Martha’s lawyers, blah, blah…(having eight glasses of wine was probably a bad a idea).


Eventually, they voted to allocate $200 for legal fees to proceed (the rest of the costs will be covered by an unsolicited contributor, who wasn’t named), The group decided not to discuss the measure publicly after the vote. Continue reading

Purchase College has famous alumni – NY Times

The NY Times had a nice little profile this weekend of Westchester’s celebrated, arts-heavy college with a long pedigree of star alumni (Edie Falco, Stanley Tucci, Steven Weber, Regina Spektor, among them). The school was founded in 1967 by Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller as part of the State University of New York.


Weber seemed to sum it up, with this:

It does not have the pedigree of Juilliard, nor the erect posture of Yale. It’s something else. It’s a slight underdog.</div></blockquote>

Other famous alums include: Susie Essman, Josh Hartnett, Janel Moloney, Parker Posey, Ving Rhames, Wesley Snipes, and Sherry Stringfield.

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Westchester star on the rise: Kate Mara

tjndc5-5ducmbd752ciqnl97t3_layout.jpgIf you saw “Shooter� this weekend, one scene that might have stood out for you was Mark Wahlberg’s beautiful love interest (clad in underwear) shooting an intruder in the chest with her trusty shotgun. The sexy young star who pulled the trigger is 24-year-old Kate Mara, the Bedford-bred (try saying that 10 times fast) great-granddaughter of NY Giants founder, Timothy Mara, which kind of makes her Football royalty.

Mara has guest-starred on a number of TV shows (including a memorable turn last season on 24 as Shari Rothenberg). She was also in Brokeback Mountain, but no, she didn’t play a gay cowboy—she was Heath Ledger’s daughter.

Shooter-director Antoine Fuqua told the LA Times, Mara and Wahlberg had instant chemistry when the two screen-tested together:

<blockquote><div>They did this scene when he first comes to her door and it was almost an instant connect. They fit in a very organic way. They joked around with each other. She would punch him in the arm. It was like this weird connection.</div></blockquote>

The new Hollywood It girl will next star in Transsiberian, a crime thriller co-starring Woody Harrelson and Ben Kingsley. Though she’s living out in LA now, she says she would like to return to the area one day, to be near her family…and, presumably, Giants stadium.
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Hillary Clinton to make a ‘major announcement’

hillary.jpgThe Senator’s camp is promising a “major announcement� this morning in Iowa (at 10:00). I’ve spent the evening watching the Battlestar Galactica finale, so I’m expecting an earth shattering reveal like, she’s a cylon…or she’s found the way to Earth. Unfortunately, it’s something probably much more mundane. The AP is reporting she has “captured the endorsement of Iowa governor, Tom Vilsack�—a candidate himself for about 5 minutes.

If any fracking toaster-related revelations come up, I’ll fill you in.

Update: Nope, she’s not a cylon. The announcement in fact was that Vilsack would endorse her.

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If Sorkin’s ‘Farnsworth’ doesn’t make it to Broadway, he’s got a back-up. Three words: Flaming Lips musical

tjndc5-5b3w78czyh0pnzt36m5_layout.jpgNever let it be said that Scarsdale native Aaron Sorkin has no sense of humor. Sure, “Studio 60″ may be painfully devoid of actual comedy, but the thought of a Flaming Lips musical — one based on their album ”Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” no less — is just about the greatest gonzo theater concept I’ve heard of since the Pod Project.

As reported yesterday, “the psych-rock band will team up with acclaimed TV writer and show creator Aaron Sorkin to turn the group’s 2002 album [into a musical].” Of course, this comes right on the heels of our post yesterday about Steven Spielberg possibly bringing another one of Sorkin’s plays, “The Farnsworth Invention,” to the Great White Way.

So what does all this mean. Is the Haggis-induced hiatus of “60” souring Sorkin on the whole TV enterprise? Is he going to be returning to the theater for good? Nobody is sure. What I can tell you, with complete and utter confidence, is that there’s no writer better suited to penning this musical. As far as I’m concerned, being arrested for illicit shrooms in an LA airport should be a prerequisite for writing anything about the Flaming Lips.

“Sorkin Will Script Flaming Lips Musical” [EW]

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Where to get your Bill Clinton presidential golf balls


tjndc5-5e07r27gxc8jzthno57_layout.jpgIn case you haven’t paid a visit to Chappaqua’s Second Story Book Shop lately, you’ve missed out on its newest lineup of products, stuff that’s sure to put any Borders or B&N to shame. I’m talking about the bookshelf of Clinton memorabilia, stuff that you can normally only get by trekking down to the Clinton Museum Store in Little Rock.

According to a story in The Journal News, the Arkansas shop contacted the bookstore a few months back about carrying the products, and shortly thereafter Clinton silk scarves, mugs, tote bags, compact discs of his speeches, and watches began going on sale. Prices range from $1.95 for a bookmark to $59.95 for a brass commemorative coin. Hear that, lobbyists. It’s never been so affordable to have Bill and Hill in your pocket.

“Bookstore commemorates most famous neighbor” [TJN]

(Photos: Elizabeth Orozco / The Journal News)

‘Six Feet Under’ + Billy Badwin ÷ Sutherland Sr. = ‘Dirty Sexy Money’

tjndc5-5dhzpi00ixfwkqw6ba_layout.jpgThe latest Northern Westchester movie star to switch over to TV: Bedford’s Billy Baldwin. As USA Today reports, ABC is looking to launch yet another “Grey’s Anatomy” line extension with “Dirty Sexy Money,” a show about an idealistic lawyer (“Six Feet Under” star Peter Krause) who is representing the Darling family, a rich and powerful clan made up of patriarch Donald Sutherland, matriarch Jill Clayburgh, and Billy B.

Throw in a few talking corpses and a”24″-style clock, counting down the minutes to their annual family trust meeting, and you’ve got dramatic gold, I tell you.

“Plot thickens for new TV pilots” [USA Today]

(AP Photo/ Zack Seckler, K-Y Intrigue)

Rene Syler, we miss you

tjndc5-5e1a1y7kx13pyn5381q_layout.jpgIt’s been about 3 months since Rene Syler left the Early Show, and though I never watched the program religiously, I have to say, when I did watch, she was always one of the best things about it. Her presence has been missed. But Syler isn’t sitting around twiddling her thumbs. Syler’s first book, “Good-enough Mother,” hits shelves March 29th. The anchor added a chapter about getting fired by CBS, undergoing a double mastectomy, and—just as traumatic—renovating her house, she told the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Gail Shister [SIDE NOTE: shortly after that article appeared, the newspaper took the amazing Shister off the media beat, a subject she’s been covering for 25 years. She’ll now focus more broadly on pop culture subjects. Talk about a presence that will be missed!]

But back to Syler. All three (the firing, the surgery, and the home renovations) are things that “could have you curled up in a corner in the fetal position,� she said. Syler is feeling fine after the January 9th surgery that removed her breasts (she didn’t have cancer, but was beginning to show “precancerous� symptoms, according TV Guide; and both her parents had breast cancer; doctors estimated she had a 40 percent chance of getting the disease herself). Her health crisis will be the subject of the March 29th edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Syler has also—apparently—left Chappaqua, where she lived while she was working at The Early Show. According to Shister, she’s returned to her former home of Dallas, with her husband and two children.

After her double mastectomy, Syler had a second surgery to implant silicone breasts. A few weeks later, Syler told TV Guide, she had an interesting parent-teacher conference  at her 8-year-old son’s school. “[The teacher] said, ‘Your son has told everyone you got fired from your job and got implants’…That makes me sound like I went through some crazy midlife crisis! I told [her son], ‘Can you please explain the rest of it?’â€?

Can someone please get this woman a TV show?

By the way, on April 17, Syler will sit in as a guest anchor on The View (with Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell). Syler told the magazine, she’d love to make it a permanent gig. Let’s hope Barbara Walters is listening.
(Photo: Tom Nycz / The Journal News )