Get a sneak peek at Richard Gere’s new movie, The Hoax, this weekend

tjndc5-5e1h5we3qev12sob242d_layout.jpgTechnically, it won’t be released until next week, but Gere’s new movie (directed by Bedford’s Lasse Hallstrom and set partially in Westchester County) will get a one-night sneak peek this Saturday. The film tells the true story of Clifford Irving, the author who tricked the publishing industry into believing he had convinced the reclusive director Howard Hughes to cooperate on a biography. The scheme was eventually exposed and Irving went to jail. In honor of the movie, here is a TOTALLY FAKE interview with Pound Ridge’s Richard Gere.

Me: So Richard, thanks for agreeing to this interview. How are you doing?

Gere: Fantastic. Life’s good. I’ve got a movie I’m proud of, a family I love, and a new restaurant opening in Bedford this fall.

Me: Speaking of, I understand you’re auctioning off a private lunch date with yourself at the restaurant.

Gere: You are correct. And may I say your telephone voice is great. Have you ever considered voice-over work?

Me: You flatter me, Mr. Gere. But anyway, about this auction, what’s the bidding up to?

Gere: $13,500 last time I checked…which was 30 seconds ago…I check every minute.

Me: I assume you know that the auction also features other “dates� and other celebrities…and, in fact, you’re not pulling in the most money. You’re losing to Alan Greenspan. Bidding on him is up to $50,000. What’s it feel like to come in behind a 70-something-year-old man?


Me: Uh, Mr. Gere?

Gere: This interview is over.

And that concludes the FAKE portion of this post. Now for the very real interview with Clifford Irving in Time Out New York, keep reading:

Irving on the relocation of some of the action from Europe to our area:

<blockquote><div>Most of what actually happened took place in Spain, but they didn’t want to shoot there. So they reconstituted me as a broke, washed-up deadbeat writer who lived in Westchester County. </div></blockquote>

Irving on his portrayal in the movie:

<blockquote><div>If I were the man portrayed in the film , I’d shoot myself. I’m not happy about that. It’s stupid and insulting. But hey, it’s a movie.</div></blockquote>

Yeah, can’t we all sympathize with Irving. It’s horrible when writers take liberties with someone else’s life…
(AP Photo/MIRIMAX, Dave Allocca)