NYO’s Doonan: Naomi Campbell should be applauded…Now applaud, you humdrum slobs!

tjndc5-5e1vltquxmehofm1eiv_layout.jpgSimon Doonan has an interesting take on the Naomi Campbell phone-throwing, toilet-cleaning media extravaganza last week. In The NY Observer, Doonan argues that Cambell is just too darn fabulous for her own good:

<blockquote><div>Vive La Campbell! Being that glamorous is a burdensome and time-consuming job: Thank God there is somebody prepared to do it. She should be applauded and thanked for adding sizzle and style to our humdrum lives.</div></blockquote>

In fact, Doonan, who says he’s known the supermodel since she was a 16-year-old fashion neophyte, says he thinks we should forgive Campbell her occasional hissy fit. “People expect it,� he says. “People enjoy it.�

Especially—I’d imagine—people like, Ana Scolavino, the maid making $14 an hour cleaning La Campbell’s toilets, who suddenly needed stitches after getting between Naomi’s glamorous crystal-encrusted cell phone and the humdrum wall.

But, filing a police complaint afterwards? How totally un-fabulous of her!

(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)