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Al Pacino rocks the new ‘Ocean’s 13′ trailer

Posted by: Ted Mann - Posted in Al Pacino, Sneden's Landing, Uncategorized on Mar 12, 2007

oceans13_l200702091600.jpgHonestly, after the terrible badness that was “Ocean’s 12,” I figured Soderberg and Co. would leave the franchise for dead. But now, having seen the “Ocean’s 13” trailer, I see why they didn’t. Two words: Al Pacino.

The Sneden’s Landing resident may only speak for the first 10 seconds, but oooh, it’s like having the old Michael Corleone back in all his glory. Check it out.



One Response to “Al Pacino rocks the new ‘Ocean’s 13′ trailer”

  1. Ocean's 13 DVD.com

    Hey, just wanted to let you know we quoted you in our “100 Bloggers Review Ocean’s 13” feature on our homepage.

    We liked the Pacino line. :)


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