Dave Annable dating his TV mom Sally Field?

This rumor has been spreading around the web like a wildfire (after The Daily News reported on it this week), though there’s been no confirmation. Annable, who was born in Suffern, is 33 years younger than Field and plays her baby son, the troubled Justin Walker, on the show Brothers & Sisters.


All I can say is, I don’t know whether to be creep-ed out or jealous (and whom to be jealous of). Of course this isn’t the first TV mother/son hookup rumor. Back in the 70s Florence Roberts was said to have dated her TV stepson, Barry Williams (or at least indulged his flirtations) on The Brady Bunch. And over on Nip/Tuck, Joely Richardson (who’s 42) is openly dating her TV son, 29-year-old John Hensley (he plays a teen on the show)—but that’s basic cable! This is Sally Field, America’s sweetheart! One thing’s for sure—anybody who’s seen the show can attest to the fact that, even at 60, she’s still gorgeous.

Thanks to our friend over at Remote Access, Amy Vernon, for tipping us off to this latest Oedipal rumor.

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Keith Olbermann re-ups with MSNBC

tjndc5-5bnffugx1h29vu22czv_layout.jpgNo fear, you’ll be getting a daily dose of The Worst Person in the World for a long time to come. MSNBC plans to announce today they’ve renewed Olbermann’s contract, according to industry gossip site, TV Newser. The network’s number one star (who grew up in Hastings) was said to be asking $4 million dollars a year in his new contract (up from $1 million), and CNN was rumored to have expressed interest in stealing him away, had negotiations soured. We’ll keep you posted.

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Richard Gere: Meine Damen und Herren, Save Tibet


Gere was in Germany this week to attend the Cinema For Peace Gala and urged the nation (which currently holds the European Union and G-Eight rotating presidencies) to continue pressing China on its Human Rights record in Tibet.

The Pound Ridge star has been a longtime advocate of the Tibetan cause (if you think you’ve seen the Dalai Lama in Westchester, he was probably staying with his good friend Richard).
“This is a historic moment for Germany to step forward,â€? Gere told the crowd. “This is a moment of great possibility for … not just punishing but encouraging China to become part of the modern world…Tibet should be ever-present in any discussion with China.” (China has ruled Tibet since 1950)
The actor also met with members of the Bundestag (the German Parliament) to discuss Tibet.

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“Sextortionist” Jessica Wolcott’s sentencing postponed so she can see a shrink

celebrating4.jpgSpeaking of court dates, Jessica Wolcott got out of her sentencing hearing, originally set to take place White Plains District Court yesterday. Wolcott, you may recall, is the girl who enticed Pepsi executive Gary K. Wandschneider through Craigslist, seduced him at a Mount Kisco bar, then extorted him for $125,000.

According to court documents, Judge Colleen McMahon granted Wolcott a sentencing adjournment, setting a new hearing for April 20, 2007. Why the delay? As Wolcott’s probation officer put it, “Based on information received during our presentence investigation, it is our position that Wolcott should undergo a psychological examination prior to sentence.”

Well, duh. Could have told you that after our interview with Wolcott’s ex-husband, Kyle Strait, last December!

However, following a few unsettling comments made to Suburbarazzi’s old Wolcott posts, I decided to probe a little further. So I had another little presentence investigation of my own — a conversation with Ashley, a girl who says that Wolcott threatened and attempted to frame her, all while stealing her boyfriend.

The bizarre, sordid details (and cell-phone screen captures) are after the jump.

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Judge Judy explains to Larry King where Putnam County is; King tells Judy’s son to ‘Go get ‘em’

Judge Judy was on Larry King Live last night. The highlight of course was the two of them talking about Putnam and Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy, who is running for the county’s D.A. seat.
<blockquote><div>Judy: My son is running for the district attorney’s position in Putnam County where he lives…

Larry: Putnam County is north of the…uh…city?

Judy: North of Westchester, a little north of Westchester.

Larry: How old?

Judy: 38. He’s dynamic. He’s got a sense of justice that he learned I like to think living in a household [with me].

Larry: How many people in the race?

Judy: As far as I’m concerned? One.

Larry: Are you going to campaign for him?

Judy: Absolutely.

Larry: We wish him luck. His first name is?

Judy: Adam…Levy.

Larry: Go get ‘em Adam!</div></blockquote>

After the break, Judy and Larry on Hillary, Rudy, Britney, Paris, and of course Anna Nicole…oh, and Brooklyn!

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Howard Stern pops the question

And for once, it’s not about underwear.

The former Briarcliff Manor deejay proposed to his long-term girlfriend Beth Ostrosky last night at his Manhattan apartment, and she accepted. When he announced the news this morning at the start of his radio show, his crew immediately began busting the chops of the man who repeatedly swore off marriage and begged others not to marry after he and his first wife announced their divorce in 1999. Ostrosky called in to the show later in the morning, saying she has happy and “shocked” with the proposal.

He also once bet his long-time sidekick Robin Quivers $1 million that he would not marry again. Quivers has said she would not demand the payout if the marriage comes to fruition, but I’m sure she’ll mention the terms of the wager repeatedly until and after such a ceremony takes place.

No wedding date has been set, Stern and Ostrosky said.

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An Open Letter to DMX

Dear Earl,

Please, please, please don’t forget show up for your court date today.

It goes without saying that your Feb. 2 arrest, for running a red light in Yonkers, was probably bogus — I mean, come on, we all know that after a certain hour there’s no such thing as “red lights,” just brightly lit yield signals. But you can’t make this argument if you’re at home in Mt. Kisco, loafing around in bed, dreaming up your next line of canine clothes.

And you shouldn’t need to be reminded that being a no-show means spending a night in White Plains jail. Again.

Yes, it was funny the first time that happened, in June 2006. And yes, you earned your “Nuttiest Road Warriorâ€? in Westchester title — by brandishing a billy club when people take your parking spots, driving 104 on 684, and impersonating a federal officer, amongst other charges — and made it clear that your fellow motorists best back off.

But it’s time to leave such shenanigans to the younger generation. Let Styles P and Jadakiss carry the torch.

You just get to court on time, plead your case, and, if all else fails, sic those bulldogs on the judge and hightail it back to Arizona.

Your friends,

Larry King to interview Judge Judy to reinforce that Anna Nicole Smith is still dead

Former Putnam Valley resident Judy Scheindlin will be Larry King’s guest tonight to talk about “Anna Nicole Smith’s estate, her baby, and the mansion in the Bahamas,” according to CNN.

Because, in the immediate aftermath of a personal tragedy, it’s crucial to know who gets the dead woman’s huge house.

Perhaps she’ll mention at some point that her one of her three sons, Adam Levy, is running for Putnam County District Attorney. If so, and if King half-heartedly wishes him luck, I’m hoping Judy snaps and replies with “Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting.”

Mmm… frosting.

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SNL’s Clone Children fight amongst each other: Fey disses Sorkin


Jossip’s got the scoop from last weekend’s Writer’s Guild Awards in Manhattan, where 30 Rock creator Tina Fey — who was wearing what the gossip site described as a “party frock with plunging décolletageâ€? (above) — took a deliciously vicious jibe at Aaron Sorkin, the creator of Studio 60 (and a Scarsdale baby).

I hear Aaron Sorkin is in Los Angeles wearing the same dress – but longer, and not funny.</div></blockquote>
Good one, Fey! But shouldn’t these scribes start working together to battle the far greater threat of imminent cancellation.

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Martha Stewart tries to come to an understanding with Katonah…a delicious, chocolatey understanding

tjndc5-5dgeztifon45rmk5igv_layout.jpgThe Journal News called it “cookie-diplomacy.â€? Last week, the domestic diva met with about 25 of her northern Westchester neighbors to discuss her attempt to trademark the hamlet’s name for a line of home design items. And, apparently, she baked them all chocolate chip cookies! MMMMMM…

Members of the Katonah Village Improvement Society and the Katonah Chamber of Commerce were present for the pow-wow, which was “friendlyâ€? and “humorous,â€? but also “serious at times,â€? one person present told the newspaper. “Ms. Stewart is a very engaging personality. So it was a very pleasant evening.”

Stewart declined to drop her trademark plans, however, and told her television audience last week:

<blockquote><div>We wanted to name our furniture Katonah, and we wanted to protect our Martha Stewart Signature line of Katonah furniture with a trademark, which is a typical thing to do and generally you just do it. You don’t go to the town to ask them because there are about 30 businesses in Katonah named Katonah.</div></blockquote>
May I just say, if Martha ever wanted to bake me cookies, I’d let her trademark my name.

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Need more evidence that “30 Rock” is the greatest new show on TV?

rip2.jpgSee exhibit R, as in Rip Torn, who has been cast in an upcoming episode. Many heartfelt thanks to intrepid reporter Brian Howard for posting this fabulous news to our sister blog, Remote Access. Apparently, according to Howard, he’ll be playing a GE exec that Alec Baldwin cozies up to.

As you may remember, Torn was arrested for a DWI in North Salem back in December, shortly after we first kicked off this whole Suburbarazzi enterprise. Ahh, good times.

Just so it doesn’t seem like I’m totally recycling this post, I’d like to add in my own little bit of Rip Torn goodness: a YouTube video of him wrestling with Norman Mailer in the 1960s for a film called “Maidstone.” In the clip, Torn attacks Mailer with a hammer and Mailer responds in kind by biting Torn’s ear.

Careful kids, all the blood is real, and so you have to sign in to see the video. But it’s totally worth it.

Rockland native Dave Annable is off to war

Brothers and Sisters on ABC may not be the most buzzed about show on TV this year. But it is consistently excellent and fun to watch. Three words: Sally frickin’ Fields! Need I say more? And the show’s creator, Greg Berlanti, recently told TV Guide that one of the characters on the show—baby brother Justin Walker (played superbly by former Rockland resident, Dave Annable) will likely head off to war pretty soon. For those of you who watch (all seven of you), you already know that bad boy Justin has been struggling with drugs, alcohol, and a serious black sheep complex all season (he already served one tour of duty in Afghanistan to please his uber-patriotic father). Now the army wants him back, and Berlanti teases it’s likely he’ll go. Earlier this season, Justin ditched re-enlisting to head into a drug rehab program. But Berlanti says:

<blockquote><div>I think it’s doubtful we’ll postpone it twice. It’s the reality of his character’s situation.</div></blockquote>

Just don’t send him back in a body bag, Berlanti! The actor by the way, has mixed feelings about his upcoming deployment:

<blockquote><div>At first I was excited but then I was like, ‘Wait, didn’t they kill [Ian Somerhalder] off from Lost in the first season?’ This could suck.</div></blockquote>