Vanessa Williams to pose nude again…this time, she’ll get to keep her job

Back in 1984, the Chappaqua beauty lost her Miss America crown after Penthouse printed photos of her posing nude and performing sexual acts with other women. 23 years later the actress, who’s 43, is ready to do it again (minus the lesbian thing). The Ugly Betty star will pose for Allure Magazine’s May “Look Better Naked� issue, according to the New York Post. The paper reports that Williams was “completely unclothed for the shoot at Lux Studio.�



(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Solemnity Alert: All joking about Anna Nicole Smith’s death will hereby cease

Suburbarazzi’s faithful readers have spoken. About a week ago we asked whether or not it’s appropriate to joke about Anna Nicole Smith in our sidebar poll. With almost 300 votes cast, the answer is clear.

annanicolepoll.jpgThe question, of course, was prompted by the news that View co-host Rosie O’Donnell had mocked Smith on the morning of her death. However, 164 of our readers overwhelming voted that NO, it is not appropriate to crack wise about the tragedy.

As for whether Rosie was in the right, only a paltry 16 agreed with the Queen of Nice, while 38 chose the user-submitted answer of “Just for once… Rosie should shut her mouth and go away for a while.”

Perhaps most astonishing of all was the second user-submitted answer — “The Cruel constant Joking about her contributed to her death” — which 25 people voted for. I’m not sure if that makes Rosie an accessory to murder or what, but either way, I want no part of it.

So, let’s move on to less controversial subject-matter … like, say, Howard Stern. The shock-jock’s recent engagement makes me wonder, has he finally found Mrs. Right after all? Personally, I always envisioned him getting married to Jessica Hahn. But what do you think?

Weigh in with who you think Stern’s soul mate is in our new sidebar poll on the right.

It’s a boy for Bryce!

tjndc5-5bsuizcbuu9mpu0f13p_layout.jpgAccording to People Magazine, Armonk native Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel officially gave birth to a BABY BOY! Hooray!

Wait, wait, hold on a sec. We already knew that, didn’t we?

Ahh, oh well. Many thanks still to Suburbarazzi tipster Amy Vernon for the confirmation that Howard’s obstetrician didn’t botch the male prognosis.

Now begins the waiting game to see whether, as per our own prediction, the newest Howard will carry on the redhead legacy of his mama — or the cursed baldness gene of his granddad.

“Bryce Dallas Howard Has a Boy” [People]

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Meredith Vieira’s dream: Naked in a bunker with Diane Sawyer

The good folks at posted a recent clip of “The Daily Show,” featuring Irvington’s Meredith Vieira recounting — yet unable to explain — a dream about appearing naked in a bunker with Diane Sawyer.

When the “Today” show cohost first revealed her subconscious naked time, the audience whooped it up, delighting Vieira:
<blockquote><div>Let me just say, I like this audience.


She continued:

<blockquote><div>I was entering a bunker, but it’s the ‘Today’ show and I’m naked, and Diane Sawyer’s in the bunker. Is that bizarre? … And she said to me, ‘You’re doing a great job this week.’ What does that mean? … And then I said, ‘I always come to work naked,’ which I don’t … and then we embraced.</div></blockquote>

Following a cacophony of studio audience “Wooo!”s reminiscent of those heard during any kissing scene from “Saved By The Bell” or Kelly Bundy outfit unveiling on “Married With Children,” Jon Stewart didn’t miss a beat:

<blockquote><div>Can I tell you what is really weird? I totally had that same dream last night.</div></blockquote>

Who do you think is next to appear in Vieira’s subconscious, clothing-optional scenario? Matt Lauer? Regis Philbin? Rosie O’Donnell?

(Associate Press file photo by John-Marshall Mantel)

Oh wait, it’s sweeps: CBS 2 News goes behind the scenes with Judge Judy in a 4 PART!!!! series


* The guys in the control room are (kinda) scared of her.

* The show has producers scouring court docs throughout the country to find guests, who they pay a small appearance fee to.

* Judy is signed to stay with the show until 2010 at least.

* Judy says you can’t blame bad behavior on poverty.

* CBS 2 anchors really, really like Judge Judy and think she “makes perfect sense of everything.�

* Judge Judy’s bailiff does really bad impersonations of Bill Cosby and Judge Judy.

* Judge Judy works out…a lot and isn’t affraid to show us the results.

Judge Judy–Behind the Bench [WCBS]

David Letterman, Sienna Miller, and the F-Bomb

tjndc5-5dh98q6eocw67ybiff_layout.jpgHow do you make the oft-potty-mouthed British starlet, Sienna Miller, blush? Apparently, all it takes is making her watch herself cursing on live TV. When the “Factory Girl� star appeared on Letterman’s Late Show Friday, she was confronted with video footage of a British television appearance from January, in which the actress swore as the show was cutting to commercial.

As Letterman surprised her with the clip, Miller covered her face. Apparently the slipup caused a semi-stir in the U.K. “I heard about it. I just got informed. I`m horrified. I had no idea,” Miller told the North Salem funnyman.

“It`s that thing where you`re sitting there and you feel like a complete lemon. It`s not three seconds, it`s ten of you just sitting there [smiling] and you don`t know what to do! I heard that I swore…which does sound like me, I have to admit.”

Miller is no stranger to profanity-based controversy. Last year, when she dubbed the city of Pittsburgh “Sh**sburgh,� she was practically hunted down by an angry Pittsburgh mob.

Later in Letterman’s show, the host joked about the incident again as he asked the star to introduce a clip from her new film. She hesitated for a moment, and Letterman said: “Oh, what the f**k do you care.â€? The crowd cheered and Miller responded: “David Letterman! Well done! That’s brilliant! I cannot believe you just said the f-word!”
(AP Photo/Sang Tan)

A Melfi Mansion for a mere $3.2 million

How’s that for title alliteration!

In a few past posts, I’ve referred to Lorraine Bracco as a former Sneden’s Landing resident. Truth be told, I could never find any record of her home having actually been sold. And now, thanks to a reference in the NY Post’s real-estate column, I see that she never did manage to move it. As Branden Keil wrote, the Sopranos star had recently been trying to sell her Long Island home in Bridgehampton, too, but after getting a couple offers she changed her mind.


Instead, she’ll concentrate on selling her quiet, three-bedroom Hudson River-fronting home in Sneden’s Landing for $3.2 million.

The actress and her former boyfriend Harvey Keitel bought the property, located 30 minutes from Manhattan, in 1989 from fellow thespian Ellen Burstyn.

Included in the private 2-acre woodland property, bordered by the Hudson River and a preserve, is a soothing waterfall. The listing broker is Mason Samett Associates in Tappan.</div></blockquote>

Sure enough, the home’s listing on Mason Samett shows plenty of wooded wonderland, along with pics of the 3-bedroom and 2.5-bath digs (more listing photos after the break). I especially like the Realtor’s description: “Entering the Landing you drive past a serendipitous collection of historic and contemporary homes set in well loved gardens in a picture pretty ‘Brigadoon-like setting.'”

But despite the prime riverfront setting, 2 acres, and waterfall, is it still worth $3.2 mil? Real estate blog Realstalker points out that the home was first put on the market in 2004 for $4,400,000, and the price has been whittled away ever since. The current price still sounds a bit steep for a dated looking 1960s home with only 3 bedrooms.

Whatever she gets, though, let’s just hope its enough for her to purchase the now-defunct North Salem Vineyard and start making her Bracco Wines stateside.

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Speaking of MySpace, Tim Daly is now officially a friend

I don’t care if it’s bogus or not — few things can cheer me up quite as much on a Monday morning as a MySpace friend invite from Suffern native Tim Daly.

Timmy, you’re now officially in the Suburbarazzi circle of trust. And I hereby take back every bad thing or Cancellation Watch post I ever made about “The Nine.” Friends don’t let friends write snarky blog posts about one another. (Hear that, Stephen Baldwin?)


Oh, one more thing! See MySpace star Alex Nackman perform in NYC Saturday night!

Hold up there, Suburbarazzi! Clearly, if you’re checking this blog after 5 p.m. on a Friday, you’re both a devoted fan of cool things and in need of getting out of the house/office more. (So am I on both fronts!) But before you and I head out for the weekend, I want to plug a Feb. 17 Manhattan performance by Sleepy Hollow product Alex Nackman, who was a featured MySpace musician this week! Check out the lower-right of this screen capture for proof!

(Disclaimer: No matter how much you dislike “Soul Patrol,” Suburbarazzi does not endorse the prospect of shooting Taylor Hicks and/or his lookalikes.)

In the interest of full disclouse, Alex is the elder son of Barbara Nackman, a reporter for The Journal News and one of the coolest people in the Mount Kisco bureau. (She’s in a 16-way tie for first place.) But I can vouch for the quality of his tunes, with an emphasis on quality.

Reminiscent of the best facets of David Gray, John Mayer and Ryan Cabrera, he writes really catchy, clever and intelligent pop, rock and acoustic songs. If you dabble in the world of iTunes as much as I do, I’d suggest downloading “Proximity” and “Stay Where You Are” immediately.

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Suburbarazzi End-of-week roundup: Olbermann stays at MSNBC, Trump enters the world of ‘fake’ celebrity feuding, and Pirro ditching Westchester

tjndc5-5c457gxvd826vp9m9rf_layout.jpg • Al and Jeanine Pirro are selling their Harrison home. Asking price: $4.3 million. Where are they going? [The Journal News]

• Keith Olbermann re-signed with MSNBC for another four years this week. He’ll also contribute essays to NBC Nightly News. I’m pretty sure, the new deal officially makes him the best paid primetime news anchor from a third place cable news network to have grown up in Hastings. [The Celebrity Cafe]

• Donald Trump enters the world of wrestling in a hair-off contest—seriously. No he won’t be wrestling, he’ll find someone to do that for him, but if his wrestler loses, Trump will have to shave his head. Call me crazy, but I’m guessing Trump’s guy doesn’t lose. [Monsters and Critics]


• More gossip that Dave Annable is dating Sally Field! While some readers have told me the Suffern-born actor has been spotted with Kate Walsh of Grey’s Anatomy, E! is reporting—without names—on a coupling that sounds awfully familiar. Hmmm. Wonder who they’re talking about? [E!]

• This has been a bad week for Scarsdale. First, native son Aaron Sorkin finds out NBC is yanking his show, “Studio 60,” a week earlier than originally thought due to abysmal ratings. And, today, the new film “Breach” opens, bringing more attention to one-time Scarsdale (and Yorktown) resident, Robert Hanssen, the treasonous FBI double-agent who sold secrets to the Soviets. [The Journal News]

• Ridiculously rich Westchester residents, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, made Slate’s list of biggest givers. [Slate] Unfortunately, this photo of the NYC Mayor (who owns a home in Armonk) keeps popping up! [Gawker]

(AP Photo/Shiho Fukada)

Sorkin’s ‘Studio 60’ yanked early; wealthy, TiVo-happy Scarsdale residents outraged

studio-60-1.jpgThis just in from Friend of Suburbarazzi (FOS?) Amy Vernon: “Studio 60” is getting pulled from the air a week early. NBC’s plan had always been to give the show’s 10 pm timeslot to the new Paul Haggis drama “The Black Donnellys” on March 5, but as Variety reported, they decided to speed up the timetable switch to February 26 after “Studio” turned in its worst ratings so far this week.

Of course, given the peculiar habits of the show’s time-shifting, uber-wealthy audience, the Nielsen numbers will probably double a week from now. Oh well, too late.

And to think, watching Aaron Sorkin exorcise his many demons — pills, Kristin Chenoweth, bloggers — was just starting to get kind of entertaining. I mean, not as entertaining as a guy who saws off heroes heads to absorb their superpowers, but — oh, I’d say at least as entertaining as the “Tony Danza Show” and “3 Lbs.”

Course, we’ve been down this road before, so I’ll wait a week or two to see if the Deathwatch Watch has reclassified “Studio” to “coma” or “R.I.P.” status (it’s still labeled “thriving” — for now). Until then, head over to Remote Access and follow Amy to brighter, “Battlestar Galactica”/”24” pastures.

“NBC pulls ‘Studio’ for ‘Donnellys'” [Variety]

Joan Rivers literally gives a piece of Vincent Price to Howard Stern sidekick

Former Briarcliff Manor deejay Howard Stern walked away from Wednesday morning’s show with an earful of jokes about his once-improbable engagement to model Beth Ostrosky. Today, his long-time sidekick, Robin Quivers, walked away with a handful of Vincent Price’s ashes, thanks to red-carpet fashion critic Joan Rivers.

The legendary comedienne, who once lived in Larchmont, said she finds it “comforting” to collect the ashes of celebrities and/or friends of hers, including her ex-husband, her dogs and everybody’s favorite “Thriller” narrator.

“I’m trying to get Anna Nicole Smith,” she joked.

The last time Rivers visited Stern at his Sirius studio, Quivers told her that she was a big fan of the horror icon and wanted some of his ashes. Stern said the show received e-mail protesting Quivers’ request.

Stern himself wasn’t sure how to react at Rivers’ generosity. Find out his reaction, Rivers’ justification and Quivers’ intentions, after the break.

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