Exclusive! Isaac Mizrahi picks ‘Sex And The City,’ picks apart my style and picks on Mr. Blackwell

Unless you’ve been late in checking out this blog’s updates these last few days (and if you have, Ted Mann will have to lecture you personally), you know that Isaac Mizrahi sat down with Suburbarazzi on Feb. 24 before signing autographs and pitching StriVectin anti-wrinkle cream at the Lord & Taylor branch in Eastchester.

If you missed Monday and Tuesday‘s snippets, click away. If you’re caught up — or even if you’re not — here’s the next part of the interview.

<blockquote><div>You’ve been on both shows, but gun to your head: (Is) “Ugly Betty� or “Sex And The City� (better)?

Ooh, that’s a good question…. “Sex And The City.�

A little more established, a few more seasons?


All right. I can take it. What’s wrong and what’s right with my style?

(Mizrahi’s entourage and Lord & Taylor personnel utter laughs and “ooohs.�) Wow. I don’t know. I don’t think there’s anything wrong. You know people say to me all the time to me, they say, “Oh, gosh, I thought about all day what I was going to wear, because I know I was meeting you.� And you know, I don’t care that much. (The entourage and store personnel laugh.) I’m sorry, but I really don’t. I’m not saying I don’t care enough to say what’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong. You look cute today. You look cute.

Thank you. I appreciate that. What’s the most overrated accessory – overdone, overrated, over-anything – out there right now?</div></blockquote>

Mizrahi deliberated for 26 seconds before responding. Read his response to that and his thoughts on fashion critic Mr. (Richard) Blackwell after the break.

<blockquote><div>What a question! I’m looking around the room. (Mizrahi’s entourage and Lord & Taylor personnel laugh and talk over each other.)

Of course, you’re not going to find anything wrong with the people here.

There was a moment when you could say like it was an Ugg boot, you know? But now it feels like people are individualizing even more and more. I can’t see one thing that everybody has on. And I like that. That’s what I’ve been pushing for my whole life. And it’s a very tricky balance when you ask a question, and it’s like funny and a joke and everything. But in the end, as a fashion designer, you’re kind of like selling things, hawking things, vending things all the time. So you don’t want to say, “That looks bad.� That’s how some people really sell a lot of clothes: “That looks terrible. Take that off. Wear this.� But I don’t do that. I encourage people to express themselves. There are certain things that look a little late, you know? But I’m not going to question it, because at least that person feels like that they’re expressing themselves or have been out a little bit and had a little fun buying it. It’s not for me to say. I don’t think it’s for me to say. I’m not that kind of fashion critic.

You’re not Mr. Blackwell.

Thank God. (He picks on people) like Maggie Gyllenhaal. Like she’s the chicest girl in the whole world. … Sarah Jessica Parker was on his list for years and she finally became the chicest girl at the party. So go figure. … I remember when “Sex And The Cityâ€? first started, people thought that she was a … scary harlot. She’s now like the queen of the century.</div></blockquote>

(Photo by Lia Chang/Lia Chang Photography)

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