Exclusive! Isaac Mizrahi on LoHud, red carpets and Britney Spears

Before dishing the details behind his late-January car accident that fractured his hip, Isaac Mizrahi talked to Suburbarazzi about a wider range of topics during the same exclusive sit-down interview.

At the start of this Feb. 24 discussion at the Lord & Taylor branch in Eastchester, topics included his previous visit to LoHud territory, his thoughts on Hollywood stars who could use StriVectin (the anti-wrinkle cream he was pitching that day) and his genuine appreciation of Britney Spears. He also discussed why he doesn’t plan on doing any more red carpet analysis for the Oscars.

<blockquote><div>When was the last time you were in Westchester, Putnam or Rockland?

I know I came here with my mother when I was a kid, and it was this Lord & Taylor. This is sort of a real flagship Lord & Taylor. I know when I was a kid, I came here but that was probably the last time. But I have to say, on my way in, I was considering (the area), because it’s such a great alternative, because it only took an hour to get here.

So who in Hollywood in most in need of StriVectin?

(Laughs and “oohs� come from Mizrahi’s entourage and Lord & Taylor personnel.) I think a lot people in Hollywood have too much face work. I really do. I wish before they had the work done they had thought a little bit about the stretch mark cream. Because I think everybody (with plastic surgery) looks odd; I really do. First of all, I can tell usually that they’ve had the work done. I don’t know who they think they’re fooling.

Speaking of Hollywood, are you doing the red carpet (analysis at the Oscars)? </div></blockquote>

Find out Mizrahi’s answer, his favorite Hollywood red carpet fashionistas and his take on Britney Spears after the break.

<blockquote><div>No, even before (the car accident), I sort of didn’t think I would do it again. It was a big hassle. I would maybe do the Golden Globes again, because there was a lot of space at the Golden Globes. With the Oscars, they just cram you behind this bush, and you have to stand behind the bush at a very awkward pose with hundreds of other, kind of – what’s the word – leeches. They make you into a leech; you can’t just be social, which is what you can do at the Globes. You can be social and just kind of talk to people and be funny. Whereas at the Oscars, you’re like grabbing – grabbing what you can. It’s very desperate and I didn’t like it. … And also, nobody wants to see you. (The stars) only want to see one or two or three people, and then the rest of Hollywood is sort of waiting on line. It’s really not fun. It’s really not fun at all, I don’t think. I love watching it on TV. But not the red carpet. I don’t know. I’m just not interested in the red carpet at the moment.

Who’s your favorite fashion icon in Hollywood now? And who’s your favorite fashion disaster in maybe a good way or a kitsch way?

I would say that I love Cate Blanchett – I love the way she looks all the time – and I love the way Christina Aguilera all the time, but for opposite reasons. Cate Blanchett has incredibly good taste and Christina Aguilera has incredible balls. (As for) fashion disaster? You know, I see pictures of Britney Spears in the paper all the time. Is she kidding? She is kidding. But I love her. I love her.

Does the umbrella go with her bald head?

Yeah. But you know what? I love her, though. She’s such a symbol in this country of like, you know, someone having a lot of fun. I’ve always loved her because she’s really talented, but she needs a look. She needs a look. She used to have such a cute look. Yeah, she needs a good stylist. (Someone in room suggests Mizrahi take on that role: “She needs you!�) Tell her to call me.</div></blockquote>

Tune in tomorrow and Thursday for parts three and four of this exclusive interview. Tomorrow: Mizrahi critiques my style, “Sex And The City” vs. “Ugly Betty,” and Mr. Blackwell.

(Photo by Lia Chang/Lia Chang Photography)

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