Paging Paige Howard

There’s an old saying: Every time a celebrity baby is born, a paparazzi gets its wings. There’s also an even older one: Every time an older sister gives birth, she hogs all the friggin media spotlight!

paigehoward.jpgIt’s in the spirit of the latter that I was so happy to read Heather Salerno’s profile of Paige Howard in The Journal News yesterday. To recap: Paige is the daughter of director Ron and the sister of newly christened mother Bryce Dallas Howard. While I did write a bit about Paige’s starring role in the off-Broadway play “Mary Rose,” her theater debut, back in a Feb. 6 post, the arrival of Bryce’s baby boy this week eclipsed all other Howard-related news (except Howard Stern, of course). Thankfully, Heather was still on Paige patrol, and got a back-stage interview with the younger Howard. Below, just a few juicy factoids from her excellent story:

• Like Joseph Cross, Paige is also playing hookey from college, taking a leave of absence from her last semester at NYU to star in “Mary Rose.” Say, it may be two weeks too late for Valentines match-making, but those two would make an awesome couple, wouldn’t they?

• Among Paige’s favorite activities: astrology and palm reading. Don’t know if that means she’s also into psychics, but if so, somebody get that girl a copy of the March issue of InTown Westchester!

• In addition to the red hair, Paige also inherited dad’s “Dad’s big feet. I’m a size 10!” That means some big ass fuschia Uggs.

• Ron forbid his daughters from acting professionally until they turned 18. Salerno also learned that Paige didn’t tell her folks that she was acting in high school plays until junior year — even though she actually started performing in them freshman year.

• Finally settling a heated Suburbarazzi debate once and for all, Salerno reports that the Howards have lived in both Armonk and Connecticut. Case closed.

“Presenting Paige” [TJN]

(Photo: Elizabeth Orozco/The Journal News)

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