Keith Olbermann is the most honest man in news—according to Rolling Stone Magazine

tjndc5-5djfjv8q3rt1csw07aov_layout.jpgWhy is he the most honest man in news? Apparently because he hates George W. Bush and Bill O’Reilly. In Mark Binelli’s profile of the Hastings-bred cable news brawler, the writer points out the “general impression� of the public is supposedly that Olbermann will say anything and that he doesn’t give a “f***�. “Yeah,� Olbermann agrees, “but I’ve always gotten that…I think that’s always been my attitude.�

Here’s a fun fact we learn from the piece: “There was a time when all but four or five of the Baskin-Robbins stores in the United States� were designed by Olbermann’s dad.

After the break, the host of “Countdown� discusses Anderson Cooper, Rush Limbaugh, Nancy Grace, and, of course, Bill O’Reilly.

Olbermann on Anderson Cooper:

<blockquote><div>I just saw an interview where he talks about having to make a choice between doing what he’s doing at CNN or sitting behind a desk at a major network. I don’t know what desk he sees himself sitting behind, since none of those jobs are open. But I gather from that kind of statement that he is the only person who has not been informed that he is a marketing experiment.</div></blockquote>

Olbermann on Rush Limbaugh:

<blockquote><div>Somebody stole one of the balloons from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and gave him a microphone. </div></blockquote>

Olbermann on Nancy Grace:

<blockquote><div>Anybody who would embellish the story of their own fiance’s murder should spend that hour a day not on television but in a psychiatrist’s chair. Really.</div></blockquote>

Olbermann on Bill O’Reilly:

<blockquote><div>I’m not declaring victory in that war [between him and O’Reilly], but I think the point that Jonathan Alter of Newsweek made on the air the other day was pretty solid—that if my goal was to make O’Reilly go nuts, I have succeeded.</div></blockquote>

Olbermann on Brian Williams:

<blockquote><div>The funniest person I have met in television News…He’d do really well on a show like mine.</div></blockquote>

Oh snap! Wait, actually, that’s not mean. What gives, Olbermann?
(AP Photo/Reed Saxon, file)