It’s a boy for Bryce!

tjndc5-5bsuizcbuu9mpu0f13p_layout.jpgAccording to People Magazine, Armonk native Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel officially gave birth to a BABY BOY! Hooray!

Wait, wait, hold on a sec. We already knew that, didn’t we?

Ahh, oh well. Many thanks still to Suburbarazzi tipster Amy Vernon for the confirmation that Howard’s obstetrician didn’t botch the male prognosis.

Now begins the waiting game to see whether, as per our own prediction, the newest Howard will carry on the redhead legacy of his mama — or the cursed baldness gene of his granddad.

“Bryce Dallas Howard Has a Boy” [People]

(AP Photo/Phil McCarten)

Ted Mann

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