If Hayden Panettiere didn’t star in ‘Heroes,’ she probably wouldn’t watch it

tjndc5-5ciegggv7xt14xpvg2ep_layout.jpgAfter last week’s “shocking� twist (that I saw coming five weeks ago), in which Nathan Petrelli (Andrian Pasdar) was revealed to be the Panettiere’s real father, the show’s creator and executive producer, Tim Kring, told TV Guide that it had been in the works since the show’s inception. He also said Pasdar had known about it all along and was “thrilled…He says he’s at his best when playing characters who have secrets.�

And Panettiere? How long did she know about the twist? According to Kring, she learned about it a few episodes into the run. Though she had a slightly different reaction than her co-star: “Oh, she thought it was cool, I guess, but she’s a teenager,� Kring told the magazine. “She doesn’t overthink this Heroes thing. She’s more interested in text-messaging her friends.�

And lo a star is born.

(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)