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The new Howard on the block

Posted by: Ted Mann - Posted in Bryce Dallas Howard, Greenwich, Paige Howard, Ron Howard on Feb 06, 2007

tjndc5-5czsn0oj7hs1fea011mp_layout.jpgMeet Paige Howard, the latest offspring of Greenwich director Ron Howard to follow in Opie’s acting footsteps.

A 21-year-old NYU theater student, Paige has been cast as the lead in a revival of “Mary Rose,” by “Peter Pan” playwright J.M. Barrie, which just opened on Feb. 1 at the Vineyard Theater in NYC. The play is about a young woman’s disappearance and mysterious return to her family, and it also stars veteran Keir Duella (pictured here with Howard).

OK, now I’m gonna make a few bold predictions: Paige will star in two or three more Broadway productions, star in a couple films by the next up-and-coming Hollywood director (say, Christopher Nolan), and then become the love interest in “Spiderman 4.” Anyway, that’s the exact path sister Bryce Dallas Howard took — NYU to off-Broadway to Shymalan’s “Village” and “Lady in the Water” to Spidey 3’s hot mamma.

Unlike Bryce, however, Paige didn’t attend Byram Hills HS in Armonk. According to this Women’s Wear Daily interview, she went to an all-girls boarding school in Maryland. Also interesting: Ron wouldn’t let any of his daughters work profesionally until age 18; the Howard clan stays in touch via videoconferencing; and Paige has a twin sister, Jocelyn.

No word yet on whether Jocelyn’s been bit by the acting bug, too, but if the Howard clan manages to dilute the redheaded acting pool any further, we may just have to lock up David Caruso (again) to restore some sense of equilibrium.

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(AP Photo/Sam Rudy Media Relations/Carol Rosegg)