Who’s your favorite Letterman guest?

As we count down to David Letterman’s 25th anniversary on late-night TV (tomorrow night at 11:30 p.m. on CBS), vote in the poll in the right margin and comment below on your favorite guest appearance on his show!

Let’s review the nominees:

•Drew Barrymore: Famously flashed Letterman while standing on his desk.
•Calvert DeForest (a.k.a. Larry “Budâ€? Melman): Dave’s bespectacled buddy.
•Biff Henderson: Dave’s headset-wearing stage manager.
•Rupert Jee: Owner of the nearby Hello Deli.
•Dorothy Letterman: Dave’s adorable mom, famous for pie-baking prowess.
•Madonna: Famously shocked Letterman and his audience with her language in the ’90s.
•Bill Murray: Sneden’s Landing resident was the first guest on Dave’s CBS and NBC late-night shows. Also, one of the greatest people ever.
•Regis Philbin: Guest-hosted when Dave was out for heart surgery.
•Mujibur Rahman and Sirajul Islam: Former souvenir shopkeepers at nearby K & L’s Rock America.
•Tony Randall: Late comedian who made cameos as the straight-man.
•Richard Simmons: Very-alive comedian who still makes cameos as, um, not the straight-man.

UPDATE: •Jack Hanna: Animal expert keeps Dave on his toes.
(Associated Press file photo by J.P. Filo/CBS)

Chris Serico

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