Where oh where have you gone, Ang Lee?

tjndc5-5baqxskpxpca73wq6bw_layout.jpgAfter leading Westchester’s Oscar onslaught last year, nabbing the best director statue for “Brokeback,” Larchmont resident Ang Lee went MIA for the rest of 2006.

And so, after finding out that the county scored a big goose egg in the this year’s Academy Award nominations, I needed find out what exactly he’s been up to. Running for the PTA? Working on The Hulk 2? Lobbying for stem cell research on behalf of his wife, Jane Lin, a genetics researcher at the New York Medical College?

Turns out I needed to look to the media of the Far East for answers. And thanks to the Himalayan Times, I can now tell you that Ang is hard at work on a Chinese-language thriller called “Lust, Caution,” an espionage tale set in WWII Shanghai. It was just one of many articles giddily reporting that Lee cast Anupam Kher, a Bollywood superstar (who you might remember as the father in “Bend it Like Beckham”), in one of the lead roles. In another article on Zee News, Kher relays that “Lee has put up a massive Hollywood-style set, the kind we used to see in the films of Cecil de Mille, etc. The technicians, including the cameraman, are the same as ‘Brokeback Mountain.'”

Interestingly, another of last year’s Oscar nominees, Dan Futterman, may also hit it big in 2007 with a movie filmed in Asia (India this time). He’s got the leading role opposite Angelina Jolie in the Daniel Pearl biopic, “A Mighty Heart,” and, coincidentally, Futterman’s also from Larchmont. We may have stuck out this year, but oh, we’re so going to dominate the ’08 Oscars!

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(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Ted Mann

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