Vintage ‘Late Night’: Bill Murray, David Letterman chat about ‘Ghostbusters’

YouTube, even though you’re cracking down more than ever on copyright infringement, somehow this 1984 clip with North Salem resident David Letterman and Sneden’s Landing resident Bill Murray remains in your library. Let’s keep it there, OK?

This Thursday night, Murray — who was on Letterman’s first late-night shows on both NBC in 1982 and CBS in 1993 — crashes Dave’s set again to celebrate the host’s 25 years on late-night TV.

Nine years before Murray defaced Letterman’s desk with spraypaint for Dave’s CBS debut (above), the two comedy geniuses were discussing “Ghostbusters” a week before its release. Murray was at his best, mocking movie merchandise [at the 1:16 mark], accurately proclaiming that the flick as “just the funniest damn bunch of funny you’ve ever seen in your life” [2:18] and working the crowd [2:36].

Bonus points:

•To talk about how he may have gotten into shape to prepare to costar with Sigourney Weaver, Murray says (jokes?) that he worked with the guy who trained “Chris What’s-His-Name on ‘Superman.'” Of course, Murray’s referring to the late, great Pound Ridge resident Christopher Reeve. [3:47]

•Off-screen, Bedford resident Paul Shaffer’s on keyboards. [5:44]

The second part of the interview is arguably even more fun. Find that link and learn how much movies cost in 1984 after the break.

In part two of this interview, it’s revealed that:

•Movies cost “five bucks” back in 1984. [0:46]

•Even back then, Letterman was not afraid to stick it to his employer, repeating a line from the movie that was censored for broadcast, only to be censored again. [0:58]

•The segment marks the very moment in which Murray, Letterman and the absent Dan Aykroyd become blood brothers, genuinely geeking Letterman out; Murray then sops up extra blood with a Ghostbusters napkin. [2:10]

•Murray sings! With Shaffer playing “Pennies From Heaven” off the top of his balding head, Bill briefly reminds us of all those “Star Wars” skits from his “Saturday Night Live” days — and foreshadows his “What’s So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding?” karaoke clip from his Oscar-nominated turn in “Lost In Translation.” [5:00]

•Decades before he moved to North Salem, Letterman references his “long commute,” allegedly to and from “Michigan.” [5:45]

(File photo by Patrick Pagnano)

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