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Irvington’s Meredith Vieira will not continue with “Today” — for a fourth hour

Posted by: Ted Mann - Posted in Irvington, Meredith Vieira, Today on Jan 30, 2007

tjndc5-5cxrhlxf2493etcojpx_layout.jpgNBC’s announcement that it’s extending “Today” to a fourth hour this fall reminds me of one party animal friend in college. He was one of those guys who loved our annual “Spring Fling” weekend so much he remarked, “If Fling is so much fun, why don’t we do it EVERY weekend?”

Indeed, why not? And hey, if “Today” is such a cash cow — helping the network to subsidize pricey programs like “Studio 60” — why grow it to five hours? Or six? Heck, would anyone really mind if we just renamed the network to “Today” and went wall-to-wall?

Well, hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira might not be crazy about the idea. Three hours on air daily is already a tall order, and the team at “Today” has already wisely decided not to force the two to go to four, says USA Today. But oh, lucky us, in their place we’ll get Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and Maria Menounos! Yes, that’s right, we’ll get to see Menounos insult and taunt America Ferrera over breakfast now, too. And that’s not all. We’ll also get ex-Giants running back Tiki Barber as a men’s lifestyle contributor. Oh, and can’t forget about Ann Curray and Al Roker. Poor suckers — for some inexplicable reason, they’re still on the hook.

“NBC to take ‘Today’ to fourth hour this fall” [USA Today]

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)