To Vanessa Williams’ neighbors in Chappaqua: Try being a little more supportive

tjndc5-5d0bj615ikhf2xozlta_layout.jpgThe Ugly Betty actress (and one of the most glamorous women in Westchester) tells TV Guide this week that people come up to her all the time at the airport (she films the show in L.A. but flies home to be with her children in Chappaqua). However, in her home ‘burb, Williams says she doesn’t get much of a reaction at all from her friends and neighbors.

<blockquote><div>I live in a town outside of New York where I’m known as my kids’ mom. A lot of my friends, who are also moms, are too busy to watch.</div></blockquote>

Williams also reveals that she isn’t dating anyone at the moment, but she is still close to her two ex-husbands (and the fathers of her four children), Rick Fox and Ramon Hervey. She and Fox talk every day and Hervey comes over to “have dinner as a family.� She adds, “I love my two exes because they were great guys. In terms of husbands, that might have been a different story, but in terms of guys, they’re wonderful.�
That’s such a cool answer, it makes me want to forgive her for this:


 (AP Photos/Ric Francis and Chris Pizzello)