A Giant Among Boys

Eli Manning

Eli Manning made good on his promise to attend Iona Prep’s Fall Sports Banquet at the Westchester Country Club on Wednesday. And by all accounts (or rather, one account, in The Journal News), fans were thrilled to meet the Giants quaterback, and he was equally perplexed by how cell phone cameras have taken the place of paper. Hmm.<br />
It’s a fair, if completely nonsensical point. But what really bugs is how, if there were indeed so many cell phone cams there, how is it that we’re not getting any embarrasing pictures of the baby-faced Manning bro applying Oil of Olay cream covertly in the corner? Come on, people.<br />
Luckily, there’s almost always a Journal News staff photographer on hand for just these situations. Click on Matthew Brown’s pics of the event in our photo gallery (to the right) and tell us, honestly, if he weren’t the one signing autographs, would you have any idea which guy is the NFL player and which other ones are students?