Lessons learned from the WPLJ Rockathon at Blythedale

1. This was the 15th year that Scott and Todd have done the WPLJ fundraiser at Blythedale. Which means that it must be, like, 20 years since Shannon was on Z100. Man, I’m getting old.

2tjndc5-5cqjhmf7v1e4yt12ahg_layout.jpg. Who needs John Oates? The new dynamic duo is Hall and Thomas — as in Daryl Hall and Rob Thomas! Though none of the 13-year-olds probably had any idea who they were, I’d like to point out that they’re not total dinosaurs: Heck, the former has songs on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and the latter has become the songwriter behind Taylor Hicks. Hmm, sounds like the perfect credentials for a “San Andreas Soul Patrol City” duet.

tjndc5-5cqjhojm8s9ehllahg_layout.jpg2. Speaking of dinosaurs, Cyndi Lauper looks old. Reeeeally old. And for some inexplicable reason, she’s singing Celtic Christmas tunes now. Just be careful and don’t overexert yourself, Cyndi — a girl can only have so much fun, and besides, it’s just a hospital for children.

“Rob Thomas, Cyndi Lauper, Daryl Hall, kids star at Blythedale” [Journal News]

Rob Thomas and Daryl Hall: Ricky Flores / The Journal News; Cindy Lauper: Ricky Flores / The Journal News

Duel of the Week (and month, and year): Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump


In the world of celebrity blogging, Trump and O’Donnell are the dangerously addictive equivalent of coke and meth. And now that I’m hooked, try as I might to resist them (two whole days without a post about either!), sooner or later I get all fidgety and start jonsing for hit of The View or The Donald.

Of course, there’s nothing better to snap an addict to his senses like a little overdose. To wit, we have the second chapter in the story of fallen beauty queen Tara Conner. It’s got all the makings of a classic Suburbarazzi duel — two of the largest fonted names in this blog’s sidebar, Rockland County vs. Westchester County, super blowhard Nyack vs. super braggart Bedford, egomaniac vs. egomaniac. Let’s get ready to rumble!

A break down of the entire battle, round by round, is after the jump.

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New Years Resolution: I will bowl with Ang Lee on a Wii

Time Magazine may have decided that 2006 was officially the year of YouTube — or “You” for short. But it’s safe to say that it was not, as some predicted, the year of the avatar.

anglee.jpgPersonally speaking, I’ve always found the idea of a virtual representation of my pale, balding, slightly overweight vessel to be, well, depressing. But I’ve also kept an open mind, testing out uber-geeky virtual programs like Second Life and The Sims — if only to understand what all the hype is about.

But it was only when I heard about Nintendo’s new Wii game console, and its ability to create Miis (their word for avatar) that I saw practical application.

Alright, “practical” isn’t the right word. But “entertaining” for sure. You can also fashion just about any character you want and play against them in the Wii’s new sports games. Hundreds of gamers have already created celebrity avatars — including Spike Lee, Borat, and Steve Martin — and some sites have even launched Mii contests.

But one fellow, a certified genius named jarosh on neogef.com, tops them all. He didn’t pick just any ol’ tabloid celeb; no, he decided to fashion a dozen film directors. There’s Stanley Kubrick, Warner Herzog, David Lynch, Roman Polanski, and — my personal favorite — Larchmont’s own Ang Lee. Any game system that lets you play tennis with Spielberg, box against Tarentino, or go bowling with Lee gets high marks in my book.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, a trip to Best Buy is in order. (Just please, don’t tell my wife.)


Images courtesy of jarosh, neogef.com

Suburbarazzi Stocking Stuffer: Bracco Wines


On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me … a bottle of Lorraine Bracco’s Classico Chianti.

Actually, make that a case Bracco Wines. The sixth season of the Sopranos will air again in less than a month (Jan. 15), so you’ll want to plenty of the Italian vintages on hand. Dr. Jennifer Melfi may be a serviceable psychiatrist, but there’s no better therapy for mobsters (or TV viewers bitter about the show jumping the shark) than a Methuselah of Bracco’s finest Merlot.

She may have moved her wine cellar from Sneden’s Landing to Long Island, but the former LoHud resident still gets the Suburbarazzi seal of approval.

Interview with Bracco from Wine Spectator [on Avenue Vine]

Bracco photo: AP/Pfizer/Sante D’Orazio; Wine label courtesy Bracco Wines

Joan Rivers hates dumb blondes (present company excluded)

tjndc5-5b57m8swc0gea3sq7p4_layout.jpgLarchmont native Joan Rivers has decided to lash out at blondes like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson for being lowering the bar for “intellectuals.” Her method of attack? A fundraising letter to Barnard College alumni in which, according to the New York Post, she asked, “Where have all the smart girls gone?” She then went on to say, “That is a hard question to answer in an age where Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton pass as intellectuals.”

Strangely, though, Joan didn’t seem to have much faith in Barnard’s finest either — at least, not in their ability to donate to the school of their own accord. She finishes her letter thusly: “Go through your husband’s wallet, and give everything in it.”

Rivers Photo: AP / Jennifer Graylock

5 Questions (plus 4) for PLJ’s Scott Shannon


Despite it being about 10 p.m. in M.R.D.J.-time (Morning Radio D.J.), PLJ’s Scott Shannon was kind enough to give us a few minutes to talk about his broadcast tomorrow, live from Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla:

1. Tell us what you have planned for the show.

We’ll be doing four hours from the hospital, which is exhausting. But it always works out fine. This is our 15th year. There will be some big acts performing and we’ll be talking to some of the kids and also staff at the hospital.

2. And you’ll be auctioning off items throughout the show, right?

Yep. We’ve got autographed guitars, backstage concert passes, plus a “D.J. for a day� rob.jpgpackage, where the winner will actually be on air for a time, and also a lunch with Rob Thomas and his wife Marysol. [You can bid on PLJ’s website].

3. That’s awesome. How much do you think that lunch will go for?

Probably about $4,000 or $6,000.

4. Are you excited about having your Westchester neighbor, Rob Thomas [a Bedford resident], perform again?

Absolutely. He does it every year and he’s a great guy. The kids love him.

5. Your show mainly targets adults. Do the kids at the hospital get your humor?

We still are geared toward adults for that show but the kids appreciate the fact that it’s on the radio and their parents can hear it.

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While living down under, Mel manufactured orange juice and hitchhiker babies

2.jpgDuring this time of the year, we’re sometimes forced to look overseas for some end-of-year-pre-Xmas filler. And like Santa, we’re not above paying the gossipy Brits a visit. Especially when one of their tabloids, News of the World, reveals that Verplanck native Mel Gibson knocked up a 17-year-old hitchhiker in the backseat of a station wagon.

Now, granted, this was back in 1976 and when he was working at an orange juice factory in Adelaide, Australia. And clearly, Gibson was a much different person then (read: hornier, mentally stable, employable). But now, after 29 years on this earth, the offspring of the backseat boinking, painter Carmel Sloane, finally wants to meet her daddy. She’s seen every one of his movies! Oh, and she also has a 10-year-old son looks just like him! It’s got to be true!

Carmel’s mother Marilyn, the supposed boinkee, sums up what happened after the break:

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Holiday cheer with Scott & Todd & some seriously ill infants

Turn on the radio this time of year, and you’re bound to hear one of the following:

(a) Z-100 set lists that repeat Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song” as much as TBS replays “A Christmas Story”

(b) 92.3 K-Rock Free FM DJ Nick Di Paolo extolling the virtues of drunk driving up the Saw Mill Parkway

(c) One of our own bloggers, Robert Zeliger, getting reamed by the lunkhead listeners of the Di Paolo radio show for not appreciating Nick’s courageous pro-DWI stance

(d) A promo for Jimmy’s Great American Pancakes on 107.1 The Peak — or, if you’re listening to the restaurant’s namesake, Jimmy Fink, in the afternoons, about 800 pancake promos

Scott ShannonLuckily, there is still one New York area DJ who hasn’t forgotten that the true meaning of the holiday: auctioning off rock n roll memorabilia to raise money for hospitalized children. We’re talking, of course, about Purchase resident and WPLJ legend Scott Shannon, who will be hosting his last “Scott & Todd Show” of the year at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla this Thursday, 6-10 a.m.

More details after the jump.

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Perfume Poll: Smells like celebrity spirit

While regional real estate seeker Derek Jeter tries to convince you that smelling like a chilled grapefruit is a great holiday gift idea, Suburbarazzi asks the question no one else dares: What if other celebrities with a connection to New York City’s northern suburbs released a line of fragrances?

Would you be inspired (read: nuts) enough to fork over $85 for a tinted bottle of pungent liquid and “your free gift (of toiletries nobody wants), while supplies last”?

Well, we care not only about what you want, but also about what you don’t. Have your say on the worst potential celebrity essence money could buy.

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