Duel of the Week: CrotonBlog vs. The Journal News

It’s been a slow day for local news, and all of the usual go-to sources appear to be at home, sipping cocoa and vacuuming up pine needles. All, that is, except for Gawker‘s tireless (and hungover) Emily Gould, and the civically-minded folks at CrotonBlog.

In fact, the latter hasn’t let up at all during the holidays, posting its own over-the-top holiday home winner (84 Grand Street), town board meeting news, and the always entertaining police blotter (aww, reports of an injured raccoons are just adorable). But best of all was their Dec. 25 “Nathan Bedford Forrest Awards,” in which CB exhaustively cataloged all of the times it scooped The Journal News.


Whenever Crotonblog printed a news story about Croton, it was inevitably followed a day or two or even later by a similar story in The Journal News without a nod to Crotonblog. An old proverb says, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.� But imitation is also the sincerest form of unoriginality and a clear indicator of laziness. </div></blockquote>

So, what does a Confederate general have to do with all this? Instead of merely listing all of their original blog posts and the corresponding newspaper stories, CrotonBlog awarded itself 16 “spit” medals — one for each supposed scoop — and they used said general as an honorific due to his punctualness on the battlefield. And perhaps because they love slaves the Ku Klux Klan (see comments).

Note: I am an employee of TJN, though as an editor for InTown Westchester, I remain an impartial observer of the feud. And, for the record, I’ve always credited CrotonBlog in my own posts.

That said, I would like to nominate one article for a reverse Nathan Bedford Forrest award for “scooping” Crotonblog about the authorship debate over “The Night Before Christmas.” Scarsdale Magazine article: published Nov. 29. Crotonblog post: Dec. 24.

Coincidence? We think not.

“Nathan Bedford Forrest Awards Announced” [CrotonBlog]

Ted Mann

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