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Stern warning

Posted by: Chris Serico - Posted in Briarcliff Manor, Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, George Takei, Hayden Panettiere, Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, North Salem, Palisades, radio, Uncategorized on Dec 12, 2006

Howard Stern, who launched his professional radio career as a DJ for 107.1 FM in Briarcliff Manor in the late ’70s, will be sitting on the couch tonight next to North Salem resident David Letterman for what’s likely to be another memorable appearance on “The Late Show.”

When I say “memorable,” I mean it. The last time Howard was on Dave’s show, the DJ wore a T-shirt that attacked CBS chief executive officer Les Moonves, whose company was suing Stern at the time. (The suit was later settled.) Years earlier, there was this shining moment of fashion. So, love him or hate him, Stern is likely to make an impression.

Also scheduled to appear on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the week ahead, Stern will be promoting the goods and services of his employer, Sirius satellite radio, which started airing his show Jan. 9.

Since last week, Stern has been discussing his late-night talk show circuit plans with his morning crew, which this week includes George “Sulu” Takei. Takei just signed on to play Hiro Nakumura’s father on “Heroes,” starring Palisades native Hayden Panettiere. (Suburbarazzi Rule No. 318: Find any way possible to connect back to “Heroes,” starring Palisades native Hayden Panettiere.)