“Cameron, you killed the car” … now here’s a TV series

Alan RuckWith the bad news about “Studio 60” canceling out the good news about “3 Lbs.”, we need another new TV show to tip the karmic scales back in our region’s favor. And sure enough, today the good news is all about Piermont resident Alan Ruck (aka Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”), whose new series,”Drive,” just got picked up by Fox.

According to Variety, the network has ordered 12 episodes on top of the pilot and they’re scheduling it for next spring, to take advantage of an extra cushy lead-in, “American Idol.” As the show’s creator explains, it’s about an illegal cross-country race in which every participant needs to win, but only one can. Imagine “The Amazing Race” on acid, or a cross between “Rat Race” and “The Game,” or “Magnolia” on wheels. Got it? No? We’re not sure we do either.

Anyway, congrats to Ruck.


And the winner is…

Alright, the Lower Hudson Valley has spoken. With 179 votes casts, they’ve decided the scariest celebrity ever to haunt our little ‘burb is…Mel Gibson. It was close, he beat Rosie O. by a single vote (68 to 67). In third place was Martha Stewart with nearly 13 percent of the vote, followed close behind by the apparently perfectly harmless Al Pacino (with nearly 12 percent). Good to know!

Thanks for voting and remember, if you spot Mel Gibson in a dark alley…keep your distance. He’s probably more affraid of you then you are of him.