Shameless Rockland Magazine Plug

This month’s issue of Rockland Mag (the “Dining Issue,” we’re calling it) is light on celebrity news, but intrepid reporter Jenny Higgons did get the goods on where all of the local stars like to dine out. Think you know which restaurants Rosie, Russell, and Al have eaten at?

Check out Jenny’s short piece, “Dining with the Stars,” to find out if you’re right.

Dining with the Stars

Bo Duke is all grown up—and still getting shot at

J SchneiderWelcome back to Hazzard County, John Schneider. The Mount Kisco native, who played Bo in “The Dukes of Hazzard” and is now the dad on “Smallville,” was apparently shot at (but not hit) on the way to a screening of his new movie, “Collier & Co.,” in Enterprise, Alabama.

According to, Schneider and a stunt coordinator “were shocked to find that a bullet had ripped through the wing window of a Dodge Charger they were towing, which had been used as a stunt car in the film. Despite the scare, both men were unharmed and still managed to make it on time to the sold-out premiere.”

Jeez, when will that wiley old Boss Hogg ever quit?
(via Varsity Basketweaving)

Tim Robbins: Hippie Assassin

Tim RobbinsSlashfilm has news about Tim Robbins’ new project, an auto-bio-pic (Wait, did we just coin some new filmmaking jargon? Hot damn!) he’s writing and directing about his eccentric childhood growing up in Greenwich Village. Although things have now gotten pretty cushy for the Bedford resident in adulthood, he says of his youth, “It’s a difficult thing because I think what people tend to do is over empathize the hippies or the bohemians. …”

At last, somebody willing to bash the bohemians and hippies. ‘Bout time.

Still, I can’t help wondering if this is all just a ruse. After all, aren’t Robbins and wife Susan Sarandon the embodiment of hippiedom? Could this all just be a ploy to rise up in revolt, as John Hodgeman has prophesied of the hobos? Only time will tell.

John Hall makes sweet, sweet music with Stephen Colbert

Happy as we are about Elliot, Hillary, and the rest of the Dem gang, little of the post-election hoopla made us want to whoop it up. That is, until we saw Democrat John Hall on the Colbert Report.

As those of you in New York’s 19th Congressional district — the fighing 19th! — probably already know, Hall was elected with 51.2% of the vote. And while this made us and much of Northern Westchester/Putnam/Rockland happy, it was seeing Hall and Colbert harmonize in a duet of the Star Spangled Banner that really re-kindled our pride in America.

Watch the video on YouTube HERE.

(via Crotonblog, which is worth visiting for its Croton Police Blotter alone)

‘Studio 60’ is as shocked to be alive as we are

studio-60-1.jpgNBC has ordered a full season of the ratings-challenged show-about-a-show by Scarsdale-native Aaron Sorkin, according to E! Apparently, the news was first leaked directly by Sorkin to The Hollywood Reporter’s Ray Richmond, who posted it on his blog, Past Deadline, under the headline “Cancel the funeral.”

For those who haven’t been keep up with our “Studio 60” death pool, the show tells the behind-the-scenes tale of a late-night sketch comedy show and its dysfunctional cast and crew. In the two months and six episodes it’s been on the air, it’s managed to build an intensely loyal fan base (though one that seems to consist of me and three guys in St. Louis). What I’m saying is: Please watch the show! If you don’t NBC will just axe it and put on five more hours of Howie Mandel awkwardly trying to avoid touching game show contestants.

Get brain surgery at Columbia, stick around for the “3 lbs.” premiere

We’ve heard of TV shows and movies premiering in actors’ hometowns and hangouts before, but never at a hospital. But come next Monday, Columbia Medical Center is the place to be if you want to see an 8:30 p.m. advance screening of Stanley Tucci’s new CBS neurosurgery series, “3 Lbs.” Afterwards Tucci — who hails from Katonah — and the rest of the cast, the show’s producers, and its chief medical consultant (Dr. James Schumacher, co-director of Neuroscience Research at Harvard Medical School) will stick around for a panel discussion.


Our only question: How on earth is a show about neurosurgery hoping to steal “Dancing with the Stars” less-than-cerebral audience?

(Not including my very, very cerebral, Mario Lopez-loving wife, of course.)

Got a problem? Talk to Bill Clinton…


The former Leader-of-the-Free-World tells New York Magazine this week that lately he’s found himself taking on a new role—“Westchester caseworker� for his wife’s constituents here in the county. “People come up to me all the time and say, ‘Where’s my Social Security check?’� the Chappaqua resident says (with “a twinkle in his eye,� according to the magazine).

One could assume this is all practice for his (potential) future career as First Gentleman of the Country (or at the very least as his wife’s campaigner-in-chief), but while he’s at it let’s take advantage. Bill, is there anything you can do about traffic on 287?

Everything you never wanted to know about Sean “Diddyâ€? Combs…Or Why the star that wet his bed as a kid and wears shades to hide his vulnerability also thinks he’s too good to wear diamonds anymore

The Mount Vernon-born rap mogul has been in confession-mode lately. He recently told the press of his childhood bed-wetting habit. “I read books about how to stop,” he said.


That’s not all the impresario is copping to. Those shades he frequently sports—what’s the reason for them? Combs told Rolling Stone Magazine recently that they are an effort to hide his “soul� – seriously! The trademark fashion statement dates back to a 1991 press conference he organized to talk about a stampede on a New York basketball court that left nine children dead. He watched footage of the press conference later on and realized he looked vulnerable.

“I felt such a form of sorrow and remorse and then I saw a picture of myself going through it. I saw all of myself revealed, in my eyes, and that’s why I wear shades. It’s a protecting thing.”

“If anybody looks into my eyes, they see there’s just a f**kin’ child in there. You see my eyes, you know what I’m thinking. If I’m mad, you’re going to be able to tell. If I’m sad, (there’s) no way I can hide it.”

“Looking into my eyes, you can touch my soul.”

Of course sometimes it’s hard to look past all the bling that wraps his body to actually make it to the eyes. Combs has become known for the shiny jewelry, yet, as he told the audience at the recent MTV Awards in Copenhagen (an event he attended wearing only one diamond earring!!!): “I’ve gone beyond bling. I’ve got nothing to prove with jewelry. I am at a level all on my own now,â€? he was reported to say by Britain’s Daily Sun.

Two-Buck Bracco

Lorraine BraccoAfter posting about Lorraine Bracco’s new line of fine Italian wines last week, we couldn’t help checking in to see how the budding business is going. In a word, bene. Let’s just say that our little Sneden’s Landing entrepreneur is doing Tony Soprano proud. According to a press release yesterday from her partner in the venture, Straight Up Brands, Bracco has already sold 10,000 cases in less than a year.

Francis Ford Coppola, watch out, there’s a new celebrity vintner in town.

Chelsea doesn’t get to vote in Chelsea

Chelsea ClintonMuch as we’d like to, you can’t make up stuff this good. The New York Times’ Empire Zone blog reports that Chelsea Clinton couldn’t vote for her Chappaqua mom yesterday because when she arrived at her West 20th Street polling place, her name wasn’t on the voter rolls.

Luckily, they did have her on the books at Fort Clinton, in Central Park … although that meant she could only vote in the 1812 election for another of her namesakes, Vice Presidential candidate George Clinton. Instead she simply opted to write in Borat.

Crosswords, child stars, and celebrity splits

* Pick up your copy of Wordplay, out today on DVD. The documentary follows Pleasantville resident Will Shortz, the New York Times crossword puzzle wizard.

* Tyler James Williams is having a moment. The 14-year-old Yonkers native is starring in a new movie, Unaccompanied Minors, out December 8th and is also the star of the CW hit, Everybody Hates Chris.

* Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are getting divorced, making this the perfect time to ask the question that’s been bugging me for two years: Seriously, who the hell is Kevin Federline?