Update: Craigslist blackmailer also scamming the U.S. patent office

Our celebrity stalking cousins to the south, Gawker, have a great beat on Jessica Wolcott, the 22-year-old who extorted a Fortune 500 exec in Westchester (more on all that below, in a post from yesterday). Apparently, in addition to roping in middle-aged horndogs on Craigslist, she was also seeking a $30k loan from a p-to-p lending site called Prosper. Though her loan request, dated March 27, has since been taken down, Gawker still managed to grab a bit about her “patent idea” (by which we can only assume she means, patent leather CEO gimp mask) and pictures from her profile.

We can’t copy ’em here, but take a look and help us settle a debate: Is her look more Atlantic City whore or Russian mail order bride?

Ted Mann

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