Cancellation Watch: “3 Lbs.” Euthanized after 3 Episodes

Stanley TucciYes, after just three short weeks, Stanley Tucci’s new CBS neurosurgery drama has been declared braindead. It’s one of the fastest cancellations we’ve seen in a while; the only one we could think of that fizzled faster was Heather Graham’s “Emily’s Reasons Why Not,” which was yanked after the pilot.

Although “3 Lbs.” starred the top vote-getter in Suburbarazzi’s best baldie poll, even Tucci’s undisputed hotness couldn’t buoy such a formulaic, labotimized premise. According to Brilliant But Canceled, the show debuted to a pitiful 2.9 rating, then fell to 2.7 and 2.4 in subsequent weeks. It only came it at #3 in our Suburbarazzi cancellation watch (behind “Six Degrees” and “The Nine,” neither of which have been officially axed yet), yet the expert Deathwatchers had it at #4 in their poll, so I guess we weren’t far off. Way to go, team!

And Tucci, please know we’re still rooting for you (just not that infuriatingly likable Mark Feuerstein). So here’s something to cheer you up.

Ted Mann

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