How to extort a PepsiCo Exec on CraigsList

One of the many things we’ve learned from our sister blog, Single in the Suburbs, is that there’s no shortage of ubercreepy grown men in our area. And apparently, when they’re not posting incoherent, grammatically-challenged comments or watching dominatrixes poop they’re out trolling for semiwhorey girls on Craigslist. Meet Pepsi Bottling Group Executive Vice President Gary Wandschneider.

Of course, there’s a downside to contacting tawdry 22-year-olds like Jessica Wolcott — they like to threaten to expose you to your wife and blackmail you for $125,000. According to The Post, Wolcott emailed the Westchester exec (using a phony email), saying “After all these years of being married, this is how you repay your vows?” Later she added that he was “just another hated Peter Cook,” referring to supermodel Christie Brinkley’s cheating hubby.

The Craigslist Lolita (photo HERE) and the dirty birdy exec (photo HERE) apparently met after a month of exchanging e-mails and photos, rendezvousing at a Mount Kisco bar. He was kind enough to give her $30k to repay some debts, but when she started requesting six-figure sums, Wandeschneider called in the feds. Wolcott finally pleaded guilty to extortion in White Plains court, but not before The Smoking Gun posted the embarrassing court docs for all to see.

As part of her plea, Wolcott lost her shakedown payments and an Apple laptop computer, but apparently she got to keep the Saab convertible she bought. See kids, crime does pay (sorta) and Coke really is the more wholesome beverage.

Ted Mann

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