Rosie’s blog wins Blogspotter’s inaugural Celeblog Invitational (aka the Cyber Special Olympics)

Rosie O'Donnell We’re not here to bash Rosie O’Donnell’s blog (“r blog” to the faithful), nor do we take pleasure in mocking such poetic missives as “a family i had / just not the one i wanted / with 2 parents / tablecloths and tupperware.”

But still, we can’t just sit by silently while the Spokesman Review points to said blog as America’s Next Top Blogging Celebrity. I mean, we dig the South Nyack nincompoop’s ramblings as much as anyone, but do they really have more merit than Pat Sajak’s thoughts on Sajak Says or Britney Spears’ Stream of Consciousness? (To say nothing of Zach Braff’s rarely updated blog, which at least gives you a preview of the soundtrack for his next installment in the “Garden State” saga)

Our feelings over this injustice — picking Ro’s blog over such other fine candidates — can best be summed up with some more of her pithy, cryptic, quizzical words:

<blockquote><div>”to my horror and amazement
click proof

she stayed for twenty minutes
inter-species communication
silent and real
my girl”</div></blockquote>

Ted Mann

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