Bo Duke is all grown up—and still getting shot at

J SchneiderWelcome back to Hazzard County, John Schneider. The Mount Kisco native, who played Bo in “The Dukes of Hazzard” and is now the dad on “Smallville,” was apparently shot at (but not hit) on the way to a screening of his new movie, “Collier & Co.,” in Enterprise, Alabama.

According to, Schneider and a stunt coordinator “were shocked to find that a bullet had ripped through the wing window of a Dodge Charger they were towing, which had been used as a stunt car in the film. Despite the scare, both men were unharmed and still managed to make it on time to the sold-out premiere.”

Jeez, when will that wiley old Boss Hogg ever quit?
(via Varsity Basketweaving)

Ted Mann

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