Rosie and David Vs. Bill

oreilly.jpgSo who hates Bill O’Reilly more, Bedford’s David Letterman or Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell? It’s a tough call. Letterman did call O’Reilly a “bonehead” when the Fox News talker appeared on his show Friday, but Rosie looked like she was about to plow right over poor Barbara Walters (who was sitting between the two) to tear his throat apart.

You be the judge.

Bill on Letterman

Bill on The View

Of the course, the prize for biggest dodge of a question goes to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who, when Rosie asked her, “Would you ever send your child to fight in the war,” responded:

“I could never send my child to the war, because that child would have to be an adult to be in the army.”

Way to go Hasselbeck!