Kate Snow: 8th Wonder of the World

Kate SnowWhether it’s Esquire’s six-month slow reveal of the “Sexiest Woman Alive” or the $2 million worldwide “Alchemist Dar” treasure hunt (created by Michael Stadther of Pound Ridge), I’m always a sucker for grand, global, multimedia contests. Which explains why the USA Today/ABC “Seven New Wonders of the World” event captured my imagination — and why I’m so jealous of Kate Snow, the Good Morning America weekend anchor, Rye resident, and only person who actually knows what all of the new Wonders are.

The idea for the project came about because all but one of the original, or ancient, Wonders (the Great Pyramid at Giza) still exist (see the old list HERE). Snow was chosen to moderate a panel of scholars, writers, adventurerers who picked the new crop. Many expect the experts’ list to include the Acropolis, the Easter Island statues, the Eiffel Tower, and Machu Picchu (among others). It remains to be seen whether this NEW list (like many other NEW lists before it) will truly stick, though the powers that be have made one smart choice: allowing viewers and readers to vote on an eighth wonder. Check out USA Today’s interactive map to see the contenders for #8 and vote for your favorite.

Our only complaint? You can’t cast a vote for Snow, who I personally think is Wonder-worthy in her own right. After having her second baby last year, she managed to lose the weight, then lose some more, and get back to working looking supermodel thin. Take that, Great Wall of China!

Ted Mann

Ted Mann aspires to join Stephen Baldwin’s Breakthrough Ministry, more commonly known as “skateboarding for the savior." Before becoming a Senior Editor at InTown, he worked at The Atlantic Monthly, the Philadelphia City Paper, and the University of Pennsylvania Press. His writing has also appeared in The New York Times, The New York Press, and The Pennsylvania Gazette.