FunkMaster Flex Saves Ford!

Funkmaster Ford

In our regular reading of Auto Spectator, we happened upon a fascinating AS article about our favorite Hot97 DJ, Westchester’s own FunkMaster Flex. (Please, spare us the obvious, “What the heck are you reading that for?!” questions)

The story is about how Flex (aka Aston Taylor), whose office is in Dobbs Ferry, worked with Ford Motor Corporation to design an all new, customized tricked-out 2007 version of the Expedition. “The 2007 Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Concept features a complete Street Scene® Body Kit, 24-inch wheels, two-tone black and redfire paint and a complete custom interior with DVD screens and performance audio system.”

Flex has also been busy leading Team Baurtwell (his custom car club), organizing the Funkmaster Flex Celebrity Car Show Tour (which includes the cars of stars such as Wyclef Jean), and producing the FMF-1 Funkmaster Flex driving shoe with the LUGZ shoe company. Clearly, if anyone can put Ford back in the black, it’s this man.


Ted Mann

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