Just in: Martha Stewart is not completely evil

At least this headline in The Journal News would seem to indicate as much:Martha Stewart

“Stewart pledges $1M for emergency room�

According to the story by Sean Gorman, Stewart cut herself with a shank—I mean carving knife—last year and got stitched up at the Northern Westchester Hospital emergency room, near her 153-acre Bedford estate.

She was apparently moved by the experience and decided to give something back to the facility. So there you have it, a completely selfless, non-evil, honest-to-goodness kind act by Martha Stewart with absolutely no strings attached…except for this little one:

“Before it can receive the donation, the hospital must raise an additional $2 million from the community by the end of the year, according to a hospital news release.�

Ahh Martha Stewart—even her charitable giving is kind of evil.